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Friday, July 5, 2013

Jiggle Butt What??

So, my New Year's Resolution was to run a 5k each month for the year of 2013 and then make a t-shirt quilt with my race shirts. I felt like this would be a serious challenge and would push me to keep running and stay in shape as well as give me something fun to look forward to. Well, the following pictures are from my first race of 2013-The Jiggle Butt Run in Fort Worth, Texas! This race benefits women who are victims of domestic violence. 99% of the race participants were girls and women of all ages! How cool is that? There was a strong aspect of sisterhood present during the entire event which was super cool.  

This is a picture of the back of the shirt we got for the race:

From left to right in the pciture below are myself, my cousin (and one of my BFFs) Melissa (AKA Mel), and my Aunt Lisa (mom stand-in since my mom died a few years back):

Me and Mel below being silly and waiting anxiously for the race to start:

Below are me and my Uncle Norbert (AKA Uncle Norby) (Oh, how I love this guy!):

Uncle Norby is the one who pushes me hardcore with running and races. He is Mister Athlete and although he is in his fifties, he could kick my butt and outrun me any day! 

The race was tough but great! I got a new PR which was 37:11 and had a total blast with my awesome family. Aunt Lisa, Mel and I seriously have so much fun and laugh basically NON STOP when we are together! 

Until next time!

-Jill D.