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Friday, July 5, 2013

Jail Break!


The 5k race I ran in February of this year (2013) was called the Jail Break Run and benefitted Law Enforcement Officers injured on the job. Now, this is a race I can get behind since my hubby is a deputy and most of our closest friends work in law enforcement in some capacity. The race took place in Baytown, Texas bright and early in the freezing cold. Since my hubs had to work the night before and the night of the race, he was not able to come with me-he had to sleep in order to function at work. Crazy, right?

Anywho, since he was sleeping, I had to go BY MY SELF! I was so nervous! I got up at 4:30 AM and got a quick bite to eat then drove to Baytown, about an hour and a half from my house, for the race. When I arrived it was still dark and cold outside but there were tons of people there already! Everyone who worked the event that I came into contact with was extremely nice and helpful. One lady offered to go to her car for a piece of gum for me! So, after bouncing around trying to keep warm, the 2 minute-til-race warning sounded. It was at this precise moment that I had an overwhelming urge to pee. I know it was just nerves but that didn't make the need any less! So I ran as fast as possible to a Porta-Potty to take care of business and made it back to the starting line with a minute to spare.

Once I lined up, I got my phone timer prepped, music playing in my ear buds and attempted to get my nerves under control. I knew I would be fine for the race but being there alone made me SO nervous! It was a weird feeling. When the starting gun went off and the race started, all my nerves fell away and I just ran. All the thoughts left my mind while I controlled my breathing and listened to my music. This is what I like about running, the mindlessness of it. I can truly let everything go and be free for a few minutes. It is a glorious feeling.

This race was full of firsts for me-being there alone for one but also I ran the ENTIRE race without stopping ONCE! I was so proud of this accomplishment and felt like I could take over the world once I crossed the finish line. My time was a new PR-32:49! That is almost 4 whole minutes faster than my last race! YES!

Below is a pic before the race:

I doubt I'll ever run a marathon and I don't love long distance running but 3 to 4 miles is perfect. It is enough time for me to get a great workout but to also let go of everything and be totally free and alone for a small chunk of time. This is worth every ache and pain that comes with running.