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Friday, July 5, 2013

I Am A Superhero!

I was unable to run a 5k in March due to shoulder surgery-torn bicep tendon and bone spurs-but I struggled through a race in April, thanks to a good friend.

But let me tell you....

Running 3 miles with minimal training beforehand is basically torture. I would have walked a lot of the race if my friend, Jana, hadn't pushed me. Hard. I was sooooo sore for the next week and the bottom, outside of my right foot was KILLING me! My body was just not ready but I don't regret it. Every experience is a learning opportunity.

I learned that one should really, really run before a race.

The Superhero Dash benefits CASA-Court Appointed Special Advocates. That makes TWO Superhero Dashes I have run! I used to be a CASA volunteer and then case manager. CASA is a great organization that I support 100%. They do so much good for the many, many children in foster care.

Another great thing about this race is that I was surrounded by professionals I work with on a daily basis from multiple organizations-local law enforcement, CPS, Childrenz Haven (Child Advocacy Center), SAAFE House (domestic violence shelter) and the District Attorney's office (I am probably forgetting plenty, here!). We all work toward the same goal-protecting children and families which it fantastic. We are all on the same team!

Besides all of the obvious wonderful points of this race....


Now, people dress silly all the time for races and I am down for dressing for a them but I do not dress crazy just for the hell of it. I don't judge anyone else who does, it's just not my thing.

Below is my coworker and friend, Rachel and her niece:

Below are Rachel and her hubby, Marty:

Below are Jana (my partner in the race, coworker and friend) and myself (I am on the left): 

Below are myself (left) and Rachel (right): 

We ran this race at the Alabama Coushatta Indian Reservation which made for beautiful scenery. THe weather was perfect and there were so many good friends present. Overall, this was a great race!

-Jill D.