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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fancy, Don't Let Me Down!

My big gift this year from my great husband was......(drum rolllllllll).......A DRESS FORM!!!! YAY!!! I have been wanting one for a year! It came in two boxes, one large, one small, and I had no idea what was in them while they were under the tree. What a great surprise! Once we opened her up and put her together, I asked the boys (my super amazing step-sons, 9 and 10) to throw out name suggestions for her. I mean, she has to have a name, right?! There were many suggestions such as dressy and beatrice but the winner was FANCY! I thought it was hilarious that they thought of that and it immediately caught on.
So, Fancy is a size 8 which is 2-3 sizes too small BUT I was told that for her to fit me and my shape, I need to put on a large T-shirt and bra, then have someone wrap me in duct tape from hips to above my boobs, then cut the shirt and duct tape up the back, so there is a Jill-shaped shell. Then we put this on Fancy, fill it in where necessary and there we have it! My body! YAY! The first thing I am going to attempt to make is a pencil skirt. This is a classic piece that is flattering for my body style plus it's great for work since I go to court regularly.

So the fabric below is what I bought to make curtains for the guest room. The colors in the room are grey, black, white and purple. I finished the curtains last night, they look great but we will see the final product once they are actually hung. (I really need to go buy a curtain rod!) But I ended up having about 1 yard x 94 inches of fabric left over which is A LOT! So I decided to pull a Sound Of Music and make some clothing from the curtain fabric! YAY for being thrifty! I am making my first pencil skirt out of this fabric and then we will see after that. I think a cropped, 3/4 sleeve jacket would look great as well.....

The pattern below is what I am using to make my pencil skirt. The jacket is out of date but I think with some tweaking I could make it pretty great! But a pencil skirt NEVER goes out of style! :)

I will post pics of the process once I start but I have to buy interfacing (whatever THAT is) first.

Thanks for reading!