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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Signs, Signs and More Signs!!!

So, I bought a Silhouette SD a few months back ( ( and have completely fallen in loooove! The Silhouette SD is a digital cutter which means that I can design something on my computer using their software (that comes with the cutter) and then plug the cutter into my computer via USB and cut the design/image on anything from vellum to cardstock to scrapbook paper to vinyl to iron on material and so much more! The possibilities are endless with this fantastic machine. I have made signs using vinyl (which I will show pictures of further down), name tags for Christmas gifts and office doorways at work and scrapbook pages. I am sooo in love!

My very first sign!

Katie May Chidester
Close up of Katie




Belinda's Boudoir

Kaylie (the background is newspaper print scrapbook paper) (this on is my fav!)

Tom & Juanita (gold filigree)