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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My husband and I built and stained a mantel for over our fireplace last year. It turned out very nice but we knew we needed to tweak it so it would hold our DVD player and whatnot. So, yesterday my husband took apart our original mantel and used those pieces as well as some new ones and remade and stained it. The finished product is below.

Entire view
Close up
Those embellishments are large metal tacks (for lack of a better word). I bought them at an amazing store in downtown Fort Worth that sells things from old houses and buildings such as hinges, doors, windows, knobs, tubs, etc. It was the MOST FANTASTIC store. Ever. There is a hidden shelf behind that front board (the one with the tacks) and that is where we put the cords for everything. I must admit that I think he did a great job! YAY for my awesome hubby!